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Grey College re-opened this past week for what promises to be a very exciting final quarter. The grade 11 parents hosted a spectacular grade 12 farewell function on Tuesday evening which provided our grade 12 boys with the opportunity to formally say farewell to their beloved alma mater. It certainly was a grand occasion with well-groomed young men and their breathtaking companions at their side, fast (and not so fast) cars and even a red carpet to welcome them! The theme of the evening was re-living medieval times and the decor, attention to detail and food complimented this theme wonderfully. It certainly was an evening to remember and a memorable occasion to bid our grade 12 boys farewell. A sincere word of thanks to our grade 11 parents who pulled out all the stops and toiled since the last weekend of the holiday to make this such a special evening for our leavers. The parents’ dedication and commitment are much appreciated by the school and the fact that the boys enjoyed the function well into Tuesday night shows how much their efforts were appreciated. 


Ons het ook die afgelope naweek Stigtersdag gevier en 161 jaar van uitmuntendheid by Grey Kollege herdenk. Tydens ’n spesiale saalperiode die afgelope Vrydag, is die verskillende generasies van oud-Greys terug by die skool verwelkom. Dit was veral die “mylpaal”-groepe wat die geleentheid bygewoon het en vir wie hierdie geleentheid baie spesiaal was. Vir hierdie matriekgroepe, wat wissel van 5-65 jaar uit die skool, was dit ’n emosionele terugkeer na Grey Kollege waar die meeste van hul drome gevorm en aan gestalte gegee is. Tydens saalperiode het van die vorige generasies se skoolkapteins die seuns toegespreek en dit was inderdaad ’n hoendervleis-ervaring om manne soos Julius Zerwick, skoolkaptein van die matriekklas van 1951, ‘Dok’ Malan, skoolkaptein van die matriekklas van 1961 en Clynton Collett, skoolkaptein van die matriekklas van 1966, om maar net enkeles uit te sonder, se inspirerende boodskappe aan die seuns te hoor.


What really stayed with me, was the gratitude and appreciation that all of these gentlemen voiced and their acknowledgement of the significant role that Grey College had played in defining and moulding them into the success stories that they have become. The class of 1986 also presented the school with the five S.A. Schools’ jerseys of their matric year as well as the national colours of a further four class members who achieved these colours after school. The fact that these old-Greys have been prepared to donate their national colours, the symbols of sometimes a life-time of grit and dedication towards a particular discipline, to the school shows what role Grey College had played in these achievements. The message of the former school captains was also that one’s life really passes in the blink of an eye and that one must treasure and appreciate every moment spent on the campus of Grey College. 


During my presentation in assembly I shared with the boys, staff and Old Greys the Grey College of yesterday and compared it with the Grey College of today by means of a visual presentation. Although the physical appearance of the campus had changed drastically over time, their is still a golden thread that runs through the school during the past 161 years. However, Grey College as a leading educational institution is more than spectacular facilities - it really is about the people and different generations of boys who have frequented these hallowed grounds. The foundation of the school, namely its traditions, heritage and value system, has remained mostly unchanged during 161 years of its existence and boys are still shaped here to make significant contributions in an ever-changing society. The camaraderie and Grey spirit is something that cannot be explained but can only be experienced and is something which is tangible when one enters the mystical Reünie Hall on such an occasion.


Gedurende die afgelope Vrydagaand is die tradisionele Reünie Dinee deur net onder die 700 oud-Greys bygewoon en wat ’n fantastiese geleentheid was dit nie om verskillende generasies van Grey-manne herenig te sien nie. Die gasspreker van die aand was oud-Springbokkaptein, Morné du Plessis, wat deel van die 1966-groep is wat vanjaar hul 50-jaar-reünie by die skool gevier het. Hy het van sy vroeë herinneringe as ’n onder-14-rugbyspeler met die gehoor gedeel en hoe een betrokke wedstryd en die sukses wat die span dié dag ervaar het, sy rugbyloopbaan help vorm het. Sy boodskap was voorts dat Grey Kollege se produkte wel van die suksesverhale in die samelewing is  maar dat daar ook baie generasies van oud-Greys is wat suksesse daar buite geword het maar nie noodwendig die voorblaaie gereeld haal nie. Hierdie suksesverhale lê opgesluit in generasies van mans met goeie waardes wat ’n voorbeeld vir hul gesinne en die gemeenskap is. 


We also celebrated International Teachers Day on Friday and the school is truly blessed to have teachers who are not only prepared to go the extra mile for both the school and the boys but who have shaped and moulded the lives of many generations of Old Greys. The following quote by Carl Jung is so applicable to our staff: “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” 


U is welkom om kommentaar op hierdie blog te lewer.


Vriendelike groete


Deon Scheepers

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Author: Deon Scheepers


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