Other Facilities

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The Reunie Hall is the heart of the school and the names on the honour boards as well as international sport apparel presented by Old Greys, serve as strong motivation to the current Grey boys. The Reunie Hall was erected with funds raised and donated by Old Greys.  The boys attend assembly in this hall where they are regularly addressed by well-known personalities.

The Centenary Hall was inaugurated in 1957 and is the assembly hall for the primary school.   This hall can seat 1200 people and is often used for large functions.

The Old Gym Hall has been restored and is used as the staff room.

The Krause Library is stocked with approximately 14 000 books, magazines and newspapers.  The library also has a special section for books written by Old Greys such as C.M van den Heever, W.A. de Klerk, Ettienne Leroux, Sir Laurens van der Post and Eben Venter.  It is also the heart of the Moodle project (e-learning project) which is accessible to all boys and parents.

The computer centre is equipped with 30 computers and allows internet access for tuition purposes. This also allows learners access to internet resources for assignments and research.

The science block comprises eight laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology tuition.

The music complex comprises music rooms, singing rooms and rehearsal rooms which cater for a wide variety of musical activities for the boys.

Grey Together coffee shop is a convenient and upmarket coffee shop on campus that provides meals and refreshments for boys, parents and visitors to Grey College

The wooden deck at the main rugby fields is the home of the Grey Supporters Club and Old Greys.

The Grey museum was built in 2005 when the school celebrated its 150th birthday, and also houses the Reunie office and Grey Together coffee shop.

Leith House is the only hostel that was replaced by a modern building; it accommodates the grade 11 and grade 12 learners.

Grey Pavilion serves as the hub of activities on sports days and overlooks the main rugby fields where cricket matches also take place in season.  The facility can be rented out for seminars, weddings and events and can accommodate up to 150 people.  Grey Paviljoen dien as die middelpunt van aktiwiteite op sportdae en kyk uit oor die hoof-rugbyvelde waar krieketwedstryde ook gedurende die seisoen plaasvind.  Die fasiliteit kan uitverhuur word vir seminare, troues en geleenthede en kan ‘n maksimum van 150 mense akkommodeer.

SD Maree gebou / SD Maree buidling, die hoeksteen van die SD Maree-gebou is op 27 Augustus 1930 gelê deur  JC Daniels, Voorsitter van die Finansiële Kommissie van Grey en Eunice. Die gebou het oorspronklik as kantore van die Registrateur van die skool gedien tot 1977. Die gebou is vernoem na SD Maree, Huisvader van Murray-huis en Kassier van Grey-Kollege en Eunice van 1921-1944.   The cornerstone of the SD Maree building was laid on 27 August 1930 by JC Daniels, who was the Chairperson of the Financial Commission of Grey College and Eunice. The building served as offices to the Registrar of the school until 1977. The building is named after SD Maree, the residence head of Murray house and Cashier of Grey College as well as Eunice from 1921-1944.

Workshop Complex, the workshop complex is seen today on the place where the old Laundry buildings were previously,  which was built in 1912. The workshop complex was established in 1980 and is the hub of maintenance on the Grey Campus.  Die werkswinkel-kompleks staan vandag op die plek waar die ou “Laundry”-geboue was wat in 1912 gebou is. Die werkswinkel-kompleks is in die 1980’s opgerig en is die basis van alle instandhouding op die Grey Kampus.4.